Data driven insight to inspire greater heights for youth

We collaborate with education consultants around the design and development of our programs and use real data to align with district strategies and goals.

Real data has been gathered from our 2,000+ focus groups of our youth through AIP.

B2L Legacy

Our communities! Our Legacies! With B2L legacy participants from our listening sessions that want to continue to grow with us are provided FREE access to our quarterly workshops. These workshops will specialize in empowering, engaging and educating youth, young adults and adults in specific breakout sessions that strive to increase the overall economic mobility of the communities we serve.

Examples of workshops would be :
1. Basics of home ownership
2. Financial literacy
3. College and career readiness
4. Career readiness
5. Introduction to investing
6. Civic engagement strategies and much more!!!

Opportunities to have your voice heard:


These workshops would be exclusively for participants that have worked with us through Building Block 1 and Building Block 2 through B2L Virtual and or B2L Direct. Subscribe below for updates on B2L legacy workshop opportunities!