Legacy Projects

B2L Legacy Community-based Workshops


Developed as an opportunity to engage with the young adults and adults in the communities, we serve the focus of B2L Legacy workshops are to provide unique and immersive community-based experiences. In collaboration with community-based, corporate, and educational partners we want to develop place-based opportunities that focus on topics that impact BIPOC community members within the systems of criminal justice, healthcare, and education. 


Take a look at our legacy initiative in action:


Youth Executive Committees (Y.E.C)


Youth Executive Committees are designed to provide youth ages 13-18 with a platform to learn about the process of civic engagement. Youth will be provided incentivized stipends to attend community-based workshops that focus on the process of creating policy, the understanding of how civics has impacted communities of color, and designing their own framework for a policy that impacts criminal justice, education, or healthcare. 


Legacy - Youth Executive Committee (Y.E.C).png

Community Council (C.C.)
The Community Council is designed to provide parents and adult family members of the students in our programs an opportunity to build collaborative solutions to the problems and barriers they face within the systems of criminal justice, healthcare, and education. Council members will be selected through and application process and will be incentivized to attend monthly meetings/sessions. Sessions will be used to share resources, design processes for community advocacy, and invite stakeholders to learn more about the problems and solutions of the community.

Cohort start date will be announced soon!!

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