Working towards a brighter future to build legacy


Our motto is simply to “Empower, Engage, and Educate!” Build 2 Lead works to empower, engage, and educate BIPOC youth, their families, and communities.


Our Vision: Build 2 Lead will uplift collective voices, increase social capital, and economic mobility for the sustainability of our BIPOC communities.

Our Services

Our Pathways

Our “Pathways to Success”: 

Each pathway focuses on specific social, emotional, and academic outcomes for Black and Brown youth, young adults, and adults. Our pathways are data-informed and strategically developed to: 

  • Deliver youth learning modules and workshops for life skills and financial literacy.

  • Provide a consistent bridge between the classroom and the families and communities that students return home to.

  • Deliver community programs rooted in equitable leadership and advocacy.

  • Provide building blocks for system-wide change.


B2L Virtual

Students in grades 8-12 can access our virtual learning modules for comprehensive leadership development, mission and vision building, and financial literacy education. Students engage in synchronous and asynchronous learning.


We collaborate with education consultants around the design and development of our programs and we use real data to align with district strategies and goals. Real data has been gathered from our 2000+ focus groups of our youth through AIP. 

B2L Direct


Our Process


Introductory Program


Continuous Learning & Workshop for Community Members


Peer Facilitation, Community Advocacy & Economic Mobility 

Introduces foundational mission and vision building. We offer virtual synchronous and asynchronous (S&A) learning modules, direct service programming, and 1-on-1 mentorship and internship opportunities.

Students begin plans for college and career readiness goals, gain leadership skills to coach their peers in B81 and identify a network of supports through models of self-advocacy. Students can engage through virtual S&A learning models & direct service programming.

Students learn and attend specialized courses around networking, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. Participants can also access our community building programs.

For student family members (18+) to participate in B2L facilitated listening sessions that engage community members in critical conversations around how they view various systems they encounter.

Participants who have completed our listening sessions get free access to our quarterly workshops in the form of place based and virtual economic mobility seminars. Participants learn about financial literacy, home ownership, entrepreneurship, and much more.

Can become candidates for our Community Advocacy Boards and able to receive financial incentives in B2L training and become the leaders, facilitators, and educators on community experiences for all stakeholders. 



Our ability to facilitate our listening sessions community members rated us


Student Voices on B2L Courses

Before B2L 

students understanding of leadership


Before B2L 

students understanding of leadership


Before B2L 

students understanding of financial literacy


Before B2L 

students understanding of financial literacy