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B2L Direct

We deliver programs that empower B2L students, their families, and their communities to build and strengthen community. Because change cannot happen without the voices of those directly impacted.

What is B2L Direct?

We work in schools and youth spaces directly with students and educators. We focus on social and emotional learning such as teaching students how to advocate for themselves in academic settings and for their communities in civic spaces, active listening and facilitation skills, and healthy coping strategies.

B2L Direct in Schools

Programming for students

We provide tools for students to enable success. For example, checklists on how students can advocate for themselves in academic settings, and guidance on creating power circles – a network of people that will keep participants accountable to themselves and their community. We bring in experts who share knowledge on key life skills such as building financial literacy, and we bring speakers into classrooms who have succeeded through different pathways such as owning their own business. All curriculum strengthens students’ social and emotional health, so that they can interact in the systems they live within with more confidence and know-how.

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B2L Direct in Youth Spaces

Programming for Youth in the Community

We partner with community-based organizations to deliver programming where young people convene, such as a financial literacy workshop or career fair in a local community center. Another example is the Build 2 Lead workforce development program offered in partnership with local non-profits and alternative justice systems – to provide job training in diverse sectors and prepare young people to be workforce ready.

B2L Direct for Educators

Programming for Educators

We work with teachers to develop place-based, experiential learning opportunities and teaching tools based on data gathered from listening sessions with more than 2,000 young people. 

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“I started really thinking about what I want to do. I realized, dang, I do want to go to college!”

- B2L Student 


Participate. Donate. Volunteer.

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