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With over 15-years of combined experience in traditional K-12 education, B2L's leadership has developed innovative pathways for youth development. Take a look at our current and upcoming social and emotional learning opportunities.

B2L Direct

We work in schools and youth spaces directly with students and educators. We focus on social and emotional learning such as teaching students how to advocate for themselves in academic settings and for their communities in civic spaces, active listening and facilitation skills, and healthy coping strategies.

B2L Virtual

Students in grades 8-12 can access our virtual learning modules for comprehensive leadership development, mission and vision building, and skills building in financial literacy. Students can engage in synchronous and asynchronous learning. Virtual learning programs can bridge to in-person Build 2 Lead programs in schools and youth spaces.

B2L Legacy

In collaboration with community, corporate, and educational partners, we develop place-based opportunities that focus on topics and systems impacting BIPOC communities: Build 2 Lead participants, their families, and their communities. Opportunities include career fairs, workshops, conferences, and training programs


See B2L in Action

Learn more about Build 2 Lead and hear from some B2L participants. 


Our Process

Introductory Process

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Introduces foundational mission and vision building. We offer virtual synchronous and asynchronous (S&A) learning modules, direct service programming, and 1-on-1 mentorship and internship opportunities.

Family Participation

For student family members (18+) participate in facilitated listening sessions that engage community members in critical conversations around how they view various systems they encounter.

Continuous Learning

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College and Career Planning

Students begin plans for college and career readiness goals, gain leadership skills to coach their peers and identify a network of supports through models of self-advocacy. Students can engage through virtual S&A learning models & direct service programming.

Community Workshops

Participants who have completed our listening sessions get free access to our quarterly workshops in the form of place based and virtual economic mobility seminars. Participants learn about financial literacy, home ownership, entrepreneurship, 

Learn more about our programs and sign up today!


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Economic Mobility

Students learn and attend specialized courses around networking, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. Participants can also access our community building programs.

Peer Facilitation 

Participants can become candidates for our Community Advocacy Boards and able to receive financial incentives in B2L training and become the leaders, facilitators, and educators on community experiences for all stakeholders. 

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“Seeing successful people, Black successful people, is so important. That representation means something.”

-Dyesha Belhumeur

Areas Served by
B2L Programs

We serve BIPOC communities across Washington state, from Tacoma to West Seattle to Everett and all points in between. We collaborate in schools, in youth spaces, in community centers, and places where people gather such as churches and neighborhood halls. We live and work in the communities where we partner.

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Participate. Donate. Volunteer.

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