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Gaining Access through Preparation

What is B2L Closing the G.A.P.?

In partnership with ROOTS of Success, Closing the G.A.P. provides students ages 16-24 with access to over 100 hours of work development training. Students graduate with resumes, interview experience, business plans, and industry credentials. Outcomes include school completion (high school diploma or equivalent), retaining a job, and enrollment
into post-secondary education or advanced training.

Closing the G.A.P. Goals

Resume Building

Students Graduate with a resume, cover letter, and experience in live interviews with Roots of Success and Build 2 Lead staff and pertinent stakeholders.

Personal Development

Students graduate with a Pathway to Success Personal Development Plan.

College Options

Explore options for college credit at surrounding community colleges (i.e. Highline, Green River College).


10-micro credentials for industries such as Health, Food, Agriculture, Social Entrepreneurship and much more.

Buisness Plan

Students graduate with a comprehensive business plan.

Career Preparation

Become prepared for over 100-jobs throughout 10 industries.

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"I learned what it takes to be an entrepreneur, getting good grades, and what it takes to get to college!"

- Jantori (B2L Student) 

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