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Closing the G.A.P. Graduation!

Build 2 Lead held a graduation ceremony for it's Closing the G.A.P. program! We are so proud of the hard work and determination of our students!

Closing the G.A.P. is a Build 2 Lead program that provides students age 16-24 with access to work development training, interview experience, business plans, and industry credentials. We aim to provide our students with positive outcomes such as job retainment, enrollment into post-secondary education, or advanced career training.

Closing the G.A.P. students graduated this school year with over 60 hours of pre-apprenticeship training as an "Environmental Specialist"! Build 2 Lead's next steps will be to provide case management for green job connections and access to post-secondary pathways!


Learn more about Closing the G.A.P. below!

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