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B2L offers programming and forms committees for youth and adults to engage the community in advocacy and power building projects.

What are Community Legacy Initiatives?

Our goal is to become a community POWER building organization. Power means Prosperity. Ownership. Wellness, Empowerment. And Resiliency. We aspire to work with the community to form committees with youth and adults, create partnerships with community organizations and corporations, and advocate for better outcomes for all. 

Youth Executive Committee

The Youth Executive Committee or Y.E.C. is formed to scale youth voice, create solutions to barriers youth and young adults face in the systems of education, criminal justice, and healthcare.

Restorative Action Practices Committee

The Restorative Action Practices Committee or RPAC was formed to establish comprehensive pathways and processes to equitable discipline and restorative practices in k-12 education.

P.O.W.E.R Council 

By forming partnerships and connecting communities,  the POWER Council works to find solutions for better community health, more economic opportunities, and stronger community connections.

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“We were able to go to a council meeting and talk about what concerned our community.”

- B2L Student


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