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B2L Student Create Vision Boards!

During the course of the GameChangers academy, students learn about various topics including careers, college preparedness, leadership, social-emotional learning, and much more! We empower students by educating and engaging them in activities that offer self-reflection and insight into their ambitions and goals.

Build 2 Lead had students create Vision Boards. These boards helped students identify their academic goals, career visions, and leadership styles. Vision boards are powerful tools that can ignite students' aspirations and provide them with a visual roadmap for their career and educational goals. These creative collages combine images, words, and symbols that represent their ambitions, dreams, and desired achievements. By compiling their aspirations onto a board, students can experience a sense of clarity and direction.

Visualizing their ambitions through a vision board not only fosters a sense of excitement but also aids in planning and decision-making, ensuring that their academic pursuits align with their ultimate aspirations.

When B2L students have goals in mind, they can learn to advocate for themselves as they enter middle school and beyond!

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