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Build 2 Lead Board Met for Strategic Planning Retreat

The Build 2 Lead board met July on 9th for a strategic planning session! Our board, made up of amazing change makers gathered to discuss the foundations, goals, and future of Build 2 Lead!

During this energizing retreat, the board strategized on sustainable growth, scaling programming to meet the needs of the community, and increasing financial stability and sustainability.

Build 2 Lead identified 3 goals for growth:

  • Goal 1: Scale and sustain programmatic excellence through equitable service delivery, resulting in sustainable high-quality, effective outcomes.

  • Goal 2: Scale and sustain programmatic excellence through developing authentic relationships with the surrounding community and co-develop programmatic initiatives with community members and use programming to build targeted opportunities for strategic community engagement and empowerment.

  • Goal 3: Strengthen physical and financial infrastructure to ensure management fluidity of resources, and increase financial sustainability for recruitment of and investment in credible staff and community.

The initiatives outlined in this Strategic Plan are directed towards one goal: that every young person who arrives at Build 2 Lead’s door receives consistently high-quality, purposeful services leading to long-term growth and stability for themselves and their family members.

Build 2 Lead is excited about the future! We look forward to growing, adapting, and building in partnership with our community!

The final Build 2 Lead Organizational Strategic Plan will be available for review soon!

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