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Build 2 Lead is looking for Board Members!

First of all we want to give our congratulations to Linda Low and Andrea Ramirez for being elected to the board positions of Co-chair and Vice-Chair respectively. These amazing community members are stepping up to help Build 2 Lead grow and serve more of our community!

Build 2 Lead is also looking for new Board Members! Build 2 Lead’s (B2L) mission is to empower, engage, and educate – to lift collective skills and social capital amongst young people and their home communities so they can interact with, and advocate to change, the systems that historically limit them. We offer programming for youth, families, educators, and communities.

B2L is a 501(c)3 organization. We offer services that impact the community, schools, and the juvenile justice system. Our learning modules and building blocks teach and prepare our youth for a better future.

We are currently seeking community members who will volunteer their time to join B2L Board. This governing body oversees the vision, mission, and internal operations of the organization. B2L’s members are elected for two-year terms. Board members hold overall fiscal and managerial oversight responsibility for B2L. They are charged with the supervision and oversight of B2L's mission. They are responsible for making decisions, delegating work, and assuring decisions are carried out as intended. Ultimately, board members serve as ambassadors for B2Ls’ mission, inside and outside of organizational commitments.

If you are interested in joining the B2L Board, please check out our job descriptions at the link below!

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