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Build 2 Lead Starts New Education Initiative!

On May 30th At Red Canoe Credit Union in Federal Way, Build 2 Lead partnered with 828 Consulting, LLC to host their spring REL Mixer!

The Race Equity Labs (REL), developed by 828 Consulting, are place-based D.E.I strategies that seek to create a safe space to discuss the current state of D.E.I policies, strategies, and affinity spaces in traditional and non-traditional educational institutions. These intersections with workforce development for Black and Brown youth and young adults ages 16-24 has created a platform for alignment and an opportunity for 828 Consulting and Build 2 Lead to join forces!

Over the course of this next year, Build 2 Lead will be working with partners to dream-design an ecosystem of providers that are creating pathways/pipelines to:

1. Increase representation of youth and young adults within the workforce and green job economy.

2. Develop sustainability frameworks that serve the holistic needs of youth and young adults within pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs

3. Develop platforms to hear from the experiences of those most impacted by workforce inequities and develop long-term strategies to remove institutional and systemic barriers.

If you are interested in joining these conversations please email our Executive Director, Jimmy Brown at!

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