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Civic Champions Welcomes Luckisha Phillips as Guest Speaker!

We had a very good month of civic champions! Cohort 1 began their unit 1 projects which are letters to city hall. Cohort 2 students are continuing to progress through their journals and develop advocacy plans for issues related to a change they would like to see within the systems of criminal justice, education, and healthcare.

This past month we also had a guest presenter, Luckisha Philips from the Federal Way Public School Board at our Civic-Champions Program, her role on the school board, and how her role affects the students and broader community of Federal Way. This was our first experiential learning opportunity, and we will continue to plan more.

Luckisha Phillips joined the Federal Way School Board in 2018 and is currently the board’s legislative representative. Additionally, Luckisha is vice chair of WSSDA’s Legislative Committee, where she works to advocate with the state’s 1,477 locally elected school directors.


Luckisha has over 20 years of experience that centers on children and families. She is a working mom, currently teaching in our local community colleges. She has worked mainly in the nonprofit sector with direct service agencies like The Boys and Girls Club, YMCA Children’s Crisis Team, and YWCA Reentry and Reunification. In addition, she has been a teacher in early childhood education classrooms, birth-to-three centers, and special needs classrooms. She currently is a Tenure Professor in Early Childhood Education/Education. Her experience helps inform policy work to support children,  emphasizing children with special needs, children with adverse experiences, and all families trying to navigate the school system.

Thank you to Luckisha for sharing her experiences with our Civic Champions!

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