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Closing the G.A.P. Students Welcome Guest Speakers

Closing the G.A.P. students welcomed Kylie Turner from the King County Wastewater Treatment Plant as a guest speaker in January. This visit was part of the Closing the G.A.P. curriculum, where students are exposed to career options, offered job training credits, and learn about opportunities in various fields. It is also in connection with Build 2 Lead's green jobs initiatives.

Kylie Turner is a wastewater treatment operator at King county. She presented a narrative about the wastewater treatment process in King County. Students also learned about Internship and entry-level career options in the wastewater management field.

It was an informational and fun day for Closing the G.A.P. students as they also networked and worked on resume building! They enjoyed learning about career opportunities in their community!

Closing the G.A.P. is a Build 2 Lead program that provides students age 16-24 with access to work development training, interview experience, business plans, and industry credentials. We aim to provide our students with positive outcomes such as job retainment, enrollment into post-secondary education, or advanced career training. This year, Build 2 Lead's next steps will be to provide case management for green job connections and access to post-secondary pathways!

Learn more about Closing the G.A.P Below!

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