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Closing the G.A.P Successes and Gradation!

Build 2 Lead's programs have been seeing great results and excellent student participation. Closing the G.A.P. is one of Build 2 Lead's Direct programs that provides students age 16-24 with access to work development training, interview experience, business plans, and industry credentials. We aim to provide our students with positive outcomes such as job retainment, enrollment into post-secondary education, or advanced career training.

Some demographic highlights from this cohort of our Closing the G.A.P. programming:

  • Demographics: 8% Asian American, 85% Black, 8% Hispanic

  • No. of students attending the group consistently and on track to graduation: 13 out of 15. 

  • Gender breakdown: 50% male, 43% female 7% non-binary or other.

  • Breakdown by age: 54%-15yrs, 15%-16yrs, 23%-17yrs, 8%-18yrs

This cohort of Closing the G.A.P. has been learning about environmental science, and have been able to display their knowledge through oral and written quizzes and tests. Students have continued to demonstrate a stronger understanding of terminology and environmental systems and the 10 modules of the Roots to Success curriculum. These modules include:

Fundamentals of Environmental Literacy (Introduction) Module

Water Module

Waste Module

Transportation Module

Energy Module

Building Module

Health, Food & Agriculture Module

Community Organizing & Leadership Module

Financial Literacy & Social Entrepreneurship Module

Application & Practice (Conclusion) Module

We are so proud of our Closing the G.A.P Students and look forward to celebrating their graduation on February 8th!

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