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FEBRUARY GameChangers of the Month!

Every month, Build 2 Lead will highlight students in our programs who are really putting in the work! We are excited to share some of the youth who are showing up and showing out! These youth leaders are consistent, engaged, and truly display resilience and grit.

Congratulations to Audrey Navarro-Fabrizio and Nate Tobel-Earl!

Audrey Navarro-Fabrizio (JR Elementary) was chosen as the Gamechanger of the Month. Audrey has shown great improvement in overall behavior and participation in Reaching for Greatness. She has been able to better regulate her emotions during class, staying in the room and being responsive to the YTS. She has followed the rules of the program and has made strong efforts into the activities of the day, taking pride in her work. Her growth is telling of her high potential! Great job Audrey!

Nate Tobel-Earl has been fully engaged with Civic Champions, participating in discussions, completing all milestones, and acting as a leader in the program. Along with his strong engagement during programming, he has reached out to B2L staff to look for guidance and advice in navigating future civic engagement. He has been empowered and motivated to improve on other academic and behavioral areas, making significant strides in both over the past month! Awesome work Nate!

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