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Game Changers of the Month!

Every month, Build 2 Lead will highlight students in our programs who are really putting in the work! We are excited to share some of the youth who are showing up and showing out! These youth leaders are consistent, engaged, and truly display resilience and grit. April Game Changers are:


Francisco Jordan, better known to friends and family as (Frankie), started with Build 2 Lead 3 months ago, where he appeared to be quiet and laid back. Since starting with Build 2 Lead, our staff have been working closely with Frankie and have seen him evolve positively in school as well as in his social life. Frankie recently completed his Senior Project that was very important for graduation and was the first student to complete the section in our "Closing the G.A.P" class. Frankie shows up everyday to class prepared and ready to participate and that’s why he’s considered a GAME CHANGER! Congrats Frankie! Keep up the great work!


Princess was first curious about Build 2 Lead because she was interested in Systems change. Following an incident in our community that involved her dad where Princess felt that only happened because of their color, she became involved in Build 2 Lead so she can learn more about how shifting small component parts of a system and patterns of interactions, can ultimately form a new system that behaves in a qualitatively different way.

Since joining B2L, Princess wrote an article that was featured in the school newsletter at Thomas Jefferson High! In addition, Princess is an amazing student and shows up everyday ready to work to Civic Champions. She is a true GAME CHANGER!


Trinity, Rochelle, and Evangeline are the Game Changers for the month of March. These students often use their personality traits and attitude to affect people’s perception, especially in their community throughout the month.

When these students spoke on change and community growth at the Federal Way city council, that was the moment they found courage and discovered their voice. The trip to city council helped the students find purpose and understanding the value of serving something beyond themselves. These ladies have consistent program attendance, a high interaction level, and they prioritize B2L assignments and projects. Game Changers possess self-awareness, and these girls have the capacity of complex ways of thinking and deep authenticity. I see a bright future and success in their pathway.


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