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NEW! Mission, Vision, and Values for the POWER Council!

The P.O.W.E.R Partners held our first strategic planning retreat at the Boulevard Park Library on August 7th. During this retreat partners reviewed quantitative and qualitative data from our first round of listening sessions

As we look to change how the system of healthcare views equity and inclusion for BIPOC community members we must first, ensure each of our mission, vision, and values speak to the holistic changes we are seeking to make.

Build 2 Lead has released it's updated Mission, Vision, and Values statement:

Mission: To dismantle and recreate the system of healthcare to better serve BIPOC communities. (WHAT WE DO)

Vision: To increase pathways to healthcare careers, information, and access to care for BIPOC communities. Realization of these pathways will mitigate the impact of negative social determinants of health, resulting in improved overall population health. (WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN WE DO IT)


“Power” in Comm-unity: Our committed group of public, private, and institutional stakeholders believe in creating shared power structures for BIPOC community members. We believe in creating a safe space for those most harmed by healthcare systems to cultivate solutions to the barriers placed by systemic racism and to become valued voices in elevating these solutions to executive level leaders and government officials.

“Ownership” in Comm-unity: We believe in community owned ideas, solutions, experiences, stories and advocacy.

“Wellness” in Comm-unity: Our council believes in holistic wellness, and in affirming the need for equitable emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health.

“Empowerment” in Comm-unity: We believe in recognizing and reclaiming the inherent power that all humans carry. For some of us, this will mean lifting up and restoring power to those who had it taken away and for others, transferring power out of our hands into those who have it taken away and participating in the redistribution of power and resources to make the mountains low and the valleys raised up for true diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“Resilience” in Comm-unity: We understand the power of non-traditional journeys and pathways to change. We believe in empowering these experiences while holding the system accountable for the harm caused in communities. We honor the spirit, grit, and overall determination of our communities even in the face of institutional and systemic racism within the system of healthcare.

Learn More about our POWER Council below:

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