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Reaching for Greatness Kicks Off Week 3 with Self-Esteem and Character Development!

Reaching for Greatness is a Build 2 Lead Direct Program for kids in elementary and middle school to learn relationship building, character development, healthy relationships & forming healthy bonds/friendships, and best practices and strategies for developing self-awareness.

This week our Reaching for Greatness Students worked on the importance of visibility and perception. Engaging in a character-building activity, students embarked on a unique version of classroom bingo, where the objective was not merely to mark off numbers, but to connect with peers who shared similar interests. The session culminated in a character test, offering students insights into their personalities based on the accumulated points from a series of choices. It was an enlightening experience, highlighting the significance of understanding oneself and fostering positive connections with others.

Students also worked on identity development during our content activities this week. The aim was to boost students' self-esteem and sense of belonging by exploring the resilience, strengths, and assets of their personal identity. In a circle setting, students candidly shared struggles with current friendships, creating an atmosphere conducive to self-expression and emotional intelligence. To further enhance their self-perception, students crafted self-portraits adorned with positive affirmations, fostering a positive self-image. The week concluded with an exploration of the 5 signs of a healthy relationship through a dynamic Healthy Relationship Activity, encouraging collaboration and creativity as students worked in groups to design representations of these key relationship elements.

So far, its been great start for Reaching for Greatness! We look forward to fostering a positive foundation for a successful and fulfilling academic journey!

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