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Reaching for Greatness Program Updates

As one of Build 2 Lead's DIRECT programs, "Reaching for Greatness" (RFG) is a free program that works with BIPOC and underserved communities to provide enriching and positive programming that helps kids get a head start!

Last month, students worked with our Lead Training Specialist, Dairyona Thompson on topics such as Future Mapping, Understanding Budgets, Future Potential.

RFG Students at Evergreen Middle School Learned:


Students learned all about self-perception and character development. It was great see a classroom full of students who are committed and willing to learn. We took students through a series of activities to help students learn about themselves and their career path. For example, students were future mapping. They focused on key ideas written down in their own words and looking for connections between them, in a way that will help them to better understand and retain information. We had students take a career and personality test, which helps students realize their full potential, identify teaching strategies for students, and help students appreciate other personality types.

RFG Students at Jennie Reed Elementary School Learned:


This week was the last week for the theme of Financial Literacy. We are so proud of the kids who made it through the Financial Literacy month. Learning about money isn't always the most fun subject but B2L scholars enjoyed becoming more financially literate. The highlight of this week was students participating in an activity called "The Jellybean Game" which helps kids learn how to manage money: earn it, save it, give it, spend it, and invest it. The activity was great way for kids to learn how to make financial decisions, and this helps them understand their needs and wants. This was great because they understood the difference between liability and assets. This game uses real examples to teach kids about budgeting. Instead of money, we used jellybeans, which makes the activity so much more fun.

Reaching for Greatness strives to provide students with fundamental knowledge in leadership, financial literacy, advocacy, and social/emotional skills in order to prepare them for a successful future!

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