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Updated: Mar 22

Build 2 Lead will be launching our first pilot of our entrepreneurial leadership development program “EntreLeadership”. We are excited to host a 12-week intensive foundation leadership and entrepreneurial training series for ages 17-24.

EntreLeadership will be held at the The Hub at Federal Way on Tuesdays (Virtually) and Thursdays (In person) from 3-5pm starting April 16th!

This program will focus on opening students to the possibilities and opportunities of entrepreneurship, leadership, and success in business.

Units will focus on:

Unit 1. Summary: This unit focuses on cultivating curiosity and creative thinking, two key attributes highlighted in the Entre-Leadership course. Students will engage in activities and projects that stimulate their curiosity and enhance their ability to think critically and apply innovation to social issues and current gaps within their own communities.

Unit 2 Summary: Students will explore the importance of adaptability in the business world. This unit will cover real-world examples of businesses and business leaders that successfully adapted to change and how students can develop adaptability skills to thrive in dynamic environments while dealing with real world socio-economic and systemic barriers.

This enlightening and fun program will be open to sign up soon! Click the link below to register for Entreleadership today!

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