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Build 2 Lead Receives a 3-year Grant for P.O.W.E.R. Council from Communities of Opportunity

B2L is pleased to announce that we have received a three-year, $855,000 Communities Partnerships contract from Communities of Opportunity to support development of the B2L Legacy P.O.W.E.R Council. This partnership will work with the community to develop a shared agenda and decision-making process that supports the development and implementation of solutions to better community health, increase economic opportunities, and forge stronger community connections.

The POWER Council includes the following local partners:

U.W. Physicians Clinic

Virginia Mason Franciscan Healthcare

King County Public Health Department

Livia Behavioral Health

Ambition Is Priceless Consulting

The P.O.W.E.R. Council is taking a three-phase approach to community voice, community empowerment, and community healing. Looking ahead, we will be working in collaboration with our implementation partners to:

  • Design, develop, and facilitate ten community centric listening sessions to inform our program design and implementation strategy.

  • Recruit a diverse group of 15-20 BIPOC community members to join our Community Council.

  • Develop a survey to collect information about best practices and lessons learned from providers and partners working locally in spaces to promote wellness.

  • Convene a second, annual POWER Conference.

We look forward to sharing future plans about these activities via our news updates!

Looking to get further involved? Contact us here:

Learn more about Build 2 Lead and their programs here:

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